Medac for over 60 years

Salerno, 1960. Carlo Mendozzi founded Medac company.
While expanded the market from Italy to all Europe, in 1972 Medac moved into the newborn industrial area of Salerno, where actually stays.
In 1977 Medac was the first to introduce the use of polyethylene coated paperboard for paper cups replacing the waxed process technologies. Soon after this development there was the arrival of offset printing which ensured the success of customized cups, increasing yield in terms of graphics.
The strengthening of the production lines was decisive in extending range.

The company became more and more dynamic when Carlo Mendozzi’s daughters Francesca and Paola joined him in managing the business.
The company now offers a complete range of ice cream paper cups and a wide selection of drinking paper cups.
Since 10 years new items have been recently designed and introduced to suit specific uses: chips paper cups, hot drinking and coffee paper cups, crenellated cups, paper boxes, paper sleeves for cones, crêpes paper boxes, popcorn paper cups, food paper cups, tower, paper coffee boxes and hot save wrappers, cardboard lids.

Participation in international trade fairs has strengthened further the bond between customers, consumers and the company, which has developed a “made-to-measure” marketing policy to suit requirements of its clients.

The whole production process is carried out within Medac itself, which has implemented management systems in conformity with the standards and the current regulations:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system standard;
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system standard;
  • SA 8000:2014 Social Accountability;
  • FSC STD-40-004-V3.0 April 2017 Chain of custody;
  • EN 13432:2002 OK Compost mark;
  • Legality Rating;
  • MID CERTIFICATION NR° UE-01/2015 – CE Marking on drinking paper cups with line measure capacity (Directive 2014/32/EU);
  • PEFC TM ST 2002:2013 Chain of custody;
  • BRC management system standard (Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials);
  • Kosher Certification;
  • Aticelca Certification (Aticelca Method 501/19);
  • Ecovadis Certification.

The certifications have been issued by organizations recognized at international level.

Medac is cheerfulness, color and fantasy for your products!